Pro Wrestling Bio of The Big Red Monster

Kane was born Glenn Thomas Jacobs on April 26, 1967. He is a pro wrestling superstar with WWE SmackDown where he is the current World Heavyweight Champion.

Kane made his first appearance with the WWE on October 5, 1997, where his story-line half-brother, The Undertaker, was already a pro wrestling superstar. Before The Big Red Monster's appearance Paul Bearer was tormenting the Undertaker with the idea that his brother, who The Undertaker long believed died in a fire, would return. When the two were children, ‘Taker "accidentally" burned down their family business - a funeral home, killing their parents and hideously scarring Kane both physically and mentally. Now, at 7-foot tall and 300 pounds, he was ready to take vengeance. In 1997 he entered the ring and the world of pro wrestling in by ripping the door off of the cage in a Hell in a Cell Match between Shawn Michaels and 'Taker.

Kane hit the Deadman with a kick to the stomach and a smack with a Tombstone. The Big Red Monster wore pro wrestling gear designed to cover most of his body, including his face, to cover the hideous scars caused by the fire.

What The Undertaker did not realize at the time, according to the story, was that Paul Bearer, a long-time trusted friend, was an employee of the funeral home at the time of the fire. As the story goes, it was Bearer who hid 'Takers little bro away in an institution after the fire. When Paul Bearer and The Undertaker had a falling-out Bearer orchestrated the return of Kane.

Despite the unprovoked attack, Undertaker vowed he would not take vengeance against his own flesh and blood. But the assaults continued.

During a Casket Match between the brothers the younger ignited the casket with The Undertaker inside. Next, he challenged Stone Cold Steve Austin to a First Blood Match for the WWE Championship with the stipulation that if he lost, he’d set himself on fire. During the match, the referee was knocked out, and Undertaker ran to the ring with a steel chair to interfere. He swung at Kane but nailed Stone Cold in the head instead, knocking him out. When the ref regained consciousness he assumed that The Big Red Monster was responsible for the assault on Stone Cold and declared him the winner. Thus, he was spared from setting himself ablaze.

Although Kane has lived in the shadow of his brother’s enormous Champion success, he has triumphs of his own. He has accumulated sixteen championship accolades during his WWE career. He is a three-time world champion; having won the WWF Championship once, the ECW Championship once, and the World Heavyweight Championship once; making him the first person ever to hold all three WWE world titles. He is also a two-time WWF (WWE) Intercontinental Champion, a one-time WWF Hardcore Champion, and a ten-time Tag Team Champion; winning the WCW World Tag Team Championship once with The Undertaker as the “Brothers of Destruction.” He also has been a World Tag Team Champion nine times (twice with Mankind, X-Pac, and The Undertaker; and once with The Hurricane, Rob Van Dam, and The Big Show). He is the third Grand Slam Champion in WWE history. In addition to championships, he is a Money in the Bank winner. He also became the quickest man to cash in the briefcase and currently holds three records in the Royal Rumble: most eliminations with 11, most consecutive appearances in the Royal Rumble with 12, and the quickest elimination at 1.8 seconds.

Many of Kane’s early accomplishments were reached while wearing a mask and wrestling gear that covered most of his body. After being bullied about his attire, he agreed to a “Mask vs. Championship” Match against Triple H. Despite his best effort, he lost. He was forced to unmask and reveal his face to the world.

Once the mask was removed, Kane's character felt vulnerable and lashed out at anyone who came near. He randomly attacked other wrestlers including Road Warrior Hawk, the Hardy Boyz, Eric Bischoff and Stone Cold Steve Austin. He hit Linda McMahon with a Tombstone and assaulted Shawn Michaels so viscously that he was out of action for weeks.

At Survivor Series in 2003, The Big Red Monster went after The Undertaker once again and buried him alive with a bulldozer. For the following months, the Deadman haunted his younger sibling before announcing that at WrestleMania XX, the two would meet one more time.

Kane was not stable. He began obsessing over pro wrestling diva Lita, who as Matt Hardy’s girlfriend. He challenged Hardy to a “’Till Death Do Us Part” Match for Lita’s love - and won. He married unwitting Lita who eventually dumped him for Edge. He has never gotten past the betrayal.

He channeled his anger about Lita into wrestling. He challenged Edge to a series of brutal matches including a Steel Cage Match and a Stretcher Match. Lita was the one who ended up needing the stretcher, though, as Kane Tombstoned her on the stage.

For a while he focused on winning rather than destroying. It was during this period that he was paired up with Big Show to win his ninth World Tag Team Championship, and reigned victorious in the rare Champions vs. Champions Match against Rey Mysterio and Batista.

Unable to really get a break, The Big Red Monster was then tormented by his “clone” until he finally met the unidentified double at Vengeance.

Through the ups and downs of his story, Kane has proven to be a good wrestler. When he won his fourth Money in the Bank ladder match he immediately cashed in his Bank Contract and defeated Rey Mysterio to win the World Heavyweight Championship. One week later he accused Mysterio of putting The Undertaker in a vegetative state; a crime to which the BIg Red Monster eventually confessed.

At Hell in a Cell in 2010, the very same cage-style match at which he first appeared in 1997, he again sought vengeance on his brother with the help of Paul Bearer. Bearer turned on The Undertaker after ‘Taker thought they had made amends. Bearer blinded Undertaker with the urn and gave it to Kane, who smashed Undertaker in the head with it and chokeslammed him to retain the World Heavyweight title.

The final nail in The Undertaker’s coffin was at Bragging Rights when his little bro defeated him in a Buried Alive Match with help from The Nexus to once again retain the title.

Kane's Pro Wrestling Moves

Signature moves

Back body drop
Backbreaker, sometimes into a submission hold
Big boot
Corner clothesline
Diving clothesline
Falling powerbomb
Military press drop
Multiple powerslam variations
Running low-angle dropkick to a seated opponent
Tilt-a-whirl slam
Two-handed chokelift
Uppercut, sometimes to the opponent's throat

Finishing moves

Chokeslam From Hell (Chokeslam)
Tombstone Piledriver – adopted from The Undertaker