Pro Wrestling Bio of WWE Diva
Stacy Keibler

Stacy Keibler is a sexy WWE Diva, WCW Wrestler, actress, Baltimore Ravens cheerleader, and model. As a co-ed at Townson University Stacy was always looking for action and Pro Wrestling had it. Tests of endurance were more exciting than tests in the classroom so Stacy ditched her studies to follow her dream – to be a Champion Pro Wrestler. She started as one the Nitro Girls on Monday Night Wars and was quickly picked-up by the WWE. Stacy Keibler was on her way to becoming one of the best known and loved Pro Wrestling Divas of all time.

Stacy's got legs (42 inches!) and she knows how to use 'em. No opponent could stand her leg swinging smack-down moves like the Cartwheel Evasion or Round House Kick. But her most famous move was the slow seductive way she slid through the ropes into the ring. She has kicked, wrestled, pinned, and sweated her way to numerous championships – including a Bra and Panties Title. And the other WWE Divas hated her for it. But she had bigger things to worry about.

The Legs of The WWE were not confined to the ring. In 2001 she became the Manager for the Dudley Boyz and was a personal secretary for Mr. McMahon who loved her services so much he crowned her “Babe of the Year”.

A Pro Wrestling Diva needs to be with one of the hottest WWE Superstars – Randy Orton. Rumors were true - this Lady of the Ring was too hot for even Orton to handle and their steamy relationship ended.

Stacy left the WWE and Randy. She was soon using her endless legs for another purpose - Dancing. She became a fan-favorite on Dancing with the Stars where judge Bruno Tonioli bestowed her the nickname "Weapon of Mass Seduction".

If you can't get enough of Stacy you can find her on sitcoms like What About Brian, How I met your mother, Samuari Girl and Psyche. She has graced the pages of magazines like Maxim and Stuff and is Pro Wrestling America's finest Diva.

Stacy Keibler's Pro Wrestling Moves

Signature Moves
Round House Kick
Cartwheel Evasion
Corner Foot Choke
Hair Pull Snapmare

Finishing Moves
Spinning Heal Kick

Stacy Keibler Stats
Height: 5 foot 11
From: Baltimore, MD
Born: October 14, 1979