The Undertaker

Deadman from Death Valley

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Gong! That is the sound of The Undertaker entering the arena. An early silence takes over. All who see him must pay attention – including any opponent. This is the Deadman from the Dead Valley. He has brought a chill to the hearts of the biggest, badest Pro Wrestlers in the biz for nearly two decades.

The Undertaker started in the Survivor Series as one of Ted DiBiase’s Million Dollar Team. Since that time he has become the longest-standing Superstar of the WWE. Rumor is that he will enter the Hall of Fame and become a Pro Wrestling Legend.

He is undefeated in WrestleMania - a 17-0 record. He has seven World Championships, three World Heavy Weight Championships, and a victory at Royal Rumble. The Undertaker had defeated such Pro Wrestling Superstars as Randy Orton, Triple H, “Sycho Sid, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, and Jake “The Snake” Roberts.

He seems to have no physical limits. In 2007, after nearly 20 years in the ring, he became the first man to break free from the Vice Grip of The Great Khali. He defeated the 7 foot 3 inch, 420 pound colossus.

He was not always a lone rider; the Deadman has been triumphant in many Tag-Team matches. He has teamed-up with The Rock, Big Show, and his own brother, Kane - to become the Brothers of Destruction.

Many have speculated from where 'Taker gains his power. Adding to the mystery - he has been known of disappear for months at a time. No one - not his friends, family, fans, or the WWE know where he has gone. Perhaps his absences were simply a much needed break – or perhaps they were something more sinister.

Upon his return, he seems to have renewed strength. He defeats his foes with a Tombstone Piledriver, leaving them helpless. He is the undisputed champion of the Casket Match, Buried Alive Match, and Hell in a Cell. It was his brother Kane who caused him to loose his first Hell in a Cell Match. For this, he will never forgive his brother.

Undertaker recently vanished again for months. He had no contact with anyone including his current love – Pro Wrestling Diva Michelle Mc Cool. The WWE released the news that he was feared to be dead. Kane quickly offered a eulogy beside an empty coffin in the ring. But, the Deadman was not in the ground yet. He was found alive, but in a vegetative state – the result of a horrendous attack.

Wrestling rumors took off. Who would be so bold as to try to kill a dead man? Kane was quick to play the part of a grieving brother but was it Kane who is responsible for the heinous act? It just makes sense – the brothers aren’t close – Kane has been jealous of his brother’s success and tried too hard to act upset when the Undertaker was declared dead. Nothing is for certain. Kane will continue his search for his brother’s attacker – probably in vane. When The Undertaker returns he will come with the truth and vengeance. Be afraid - the Deadman cometh.

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The Undertaker's Pro Wrestling Moves.

Signature Moves
Big boot
Corner clothesline
Dragon sleeper
Fujiwara armbar
Guillotine leg drop onto the chest of an apron hung opponent
No-handed over the top rope suicide dive
Old School (Arm twist ropewalk chop)
Reverse STO
Running DDT
Running jumping leg drop
Running leaping clothesline
Sidewalk slam

Finishing Moves
Hell's Gate (Modified gogoplata)
The Last Ride (Elevated powerbomb)
Tombstone piledriver

The Undertaker Stats
Height: 6 foot 10½
Weight: 299 Pounds
Born: Mark William Calaway on March 24, 1956
From: Death Valley, CA