Dolph Ziggler

Pro Wrestling Superstar
On the Verge of Greatness

When Dolph Ziggler first appeared on the WWE scene with Raw, he immediately made an impression. He had the aura of a pro wrestling superstar and made sure everyone knew he had arrived. Ziggler was known for introducing himself to everyone in the WWE Universe using his tag line: “Hi, I’m Dolph Ziggler!”

Before joining the WWE Zigler, whose real name is Nick Nemeth, had an impressive armature-wrestling career. As at student at Kent State University he had more pins than any other wrestler in the history of the University. The WWE took notice. He was given his first shot at fame when he joined the franchise in 2006 as a member of the Spirit Squad, where he was known as “Nicky.” The Squad was basically a group of male cheerleaders who had little success but did manage to claim a WWE Tag Team Championship. Pro wrestling rumor was that Nicky was unhappy with his shtick and feuding with Mr. McMahon. Soon, the Spirit Squad disbanded and Ziggler was sent to Ohio Valley Wrestling to train.

After training hard and getting back into McMahon’s good graces Ziggler was brought back to the WWE in 2008. Dolph Zigler is now emerging as the big time WWE wrestler he always destined to become.

In August 2010, with the help of SmackDown’s Official Consultant and love interest of Ziggler's, Vickie Guerrero, Dolph won his first Intercontinental Championship. Upon Vickie’s urging, he used his signature Zig-Zag move to defeat Kofi Kingston for the Championship belt.

Dolph Ziggler owes his admission into the elite circle of Intercontinental Champions to Vickie Guerrero. Now that he has what he wants will he remain true? Pro wresting rumor is that Ziggler is seeing Vickie Guerrero’s NXT rookie, Kaitlyn, on the side. For now, however, Guerrero is keeping a tight chain on Ziggler and doing all of the talking for him – Ziggler hardly says a word.

Dolph continues to give fans some of the best matches in the sport, every Friday night on Smackdown. He recently had a narrow loss to Edge in a Bragging Rights qualifying match. Pro wrestling news channels reported that the near takedown of Edge is signaling a bright future of Ziggler.

Dolph Zigler has come back from a feud with WWE kingpin Vince McMahon and from the stigma of the Spirit Squad. He has brought back the old school sleeper hold, which he uses with precision along with his trademark Zig Zag maneuver.

But Ziggler is not one to stay away from controversy. The pro wrestling rumor is that MVP is out of get Doplh after Kaitlyn’s interference during a recent match caused him to loose to Ziggler.

Pro Wrestling America predicts that Dolph Ziggler will stay in the news headlines. If he keeps winning, and stays out of trouble, there is nothing preventing him from becoming a World Heavyweight Champion.

Ziggler performing a jumping elbow drop during his European Tour

Dolph Ziggler's Signature Moves
Dropkick, sometimes while sliding to the outside
Fireman's carry gutbuster
German suplex
Inverted body slam
Jumping elbow drop
Leg drop bulldog
Scoop powerslam
Sitout facebuster

Finishing Moves
Jumping Russian legsweep
Leaping reverse STO
Sleeper hold, sometimes with bodyscissors
Zig Zag (Reverse bulldog)

Ziggler’s Stats
Height: 6 foot 1
Weight: 221 pounds
From: Cleveland, OH
Trained by: Ohio Valley Wrestling

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