Pro Wrestling Gear
Don’t mess with grown men in tights.

Cloths make the man, and the gimmick. We have the list of pro wrestling gear and what to wear when you want to be safe, rock your gimmick, and look like a pro.

Trunks, tights, and cargo pants…?
Pro wresting gear generally form-fitting for a reason. You do not want an opponent to grab onto your cloths, botch a move, or bring you down. The main goal of the gear is to make sure that your movements are not restricted when in the ring; and to look cool, of course.

John Cena, you are awesome, but wrestling in gear made to look like baggy jean shorts never looked good. Matt Hardy gets our approval for trading out the baggy cargo shorts for some old-school tights.

Matt ditches his cargo pant-inspired gear and embraces
an entirely new style: Classic tights.

CM Punk checks out his new gear.

Wrestling Boots
The frequently over-looked footwear is the most important element. Wresting boots are a made to prevent ankle and shins injuries. Wrestling boots also have special soles to prevent slipping. Invest in a good pair.

Check out the selection of pro wrestling gear, including custom boots and a variety of tights at World Wrestling Wear:

Protective pro wrestling gear
America Football players wear padding – and lots of it. Most pro wrestlers, on the other hand, are subjected to punishing pro wrestling moves wearing little more than shorts and boots. Safety first, folks! Ankle pads, kick pads, kneepads, wrist guards, gloves, elbow pads, and headgear are all there to protect you from serious injury. Find a wide selection here:

Want to add a bit of mystique to you gimmick? A bit shy? No faster way than to intrigue (and look awesome) than a mask.

Lucha Libre does this to perfection and where else to buy but elucha:

Dress the part - get over with the fans. The solid trunks of the past have given way to gear that defines the character. Paul Bearer and his Urn, Jake the Snake and his….. snake. Just think of The Undertaker. Where would he be without that tough wardrobe?

The deadman.

Championship belts
Even championship belts are a part of the pro wrestling gear. They are used to taunt rivals, prove accomplishment and superiority, and they just make you look like badass. Got one with your face on it? Flaunt it.

Jeff Hardy's face on his TNA belt.

The ring
Wrestling rings vary in shape and size, but most are four-sided and measure between 14 and 20 feet. World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) uses a 20-foot wring, while World Championship Wresting (WCW) and Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) use an 18-foot ring. A ring stands three to four feet above the ground. When a pro wrestler goes flying out of the ring it is a long way down.

The ropes can be actual ropes covered by tape (as used by the WWE) are actually cables wrapped in rubber piping held up at the corners by tensioned turnbuckles. Rings are semi-shock absorbing and very hard. When you are slammed into the mat of the ring, it hurts!

If you think you have what it takes to be a pro wrestler, please visit our pages on pro wrestling schools and pro wrestling moves.