Pro Wrestling Moves of Jeff Hardy

Master Hardy's high flying style

Signature wrestling moves

Baseball slide
To preform this pro wrestling move Jeff Hardy runs and slides feet first at his opponent, kicking him with both feet, like a baseball player sliding into a base. It is usually performed by a wrestler in the ring sliding to kick the upper torso or head of a wrestler standing outside and beside the ring. Hardy does a variation where he slides to kick the head of an opponent hung upside-down from the turnbuckles.

Diving clothesline from off a barricade
Hardy jumps from an elevated position and performs a clothesline to a standing opponent. A version of this move, called a flying lariat which is similar but involves the wrestler wrapping his arm around the opponents head.

Double leg drop (to the opponent's groin or midsection)
This wrestling move is also called a guillotine leg drop. In this diving attack Hardy jumps forward the top turnbuckle and lands with the bottom side of his leg across the opponent.

Hardyac Arrest (Rope aided corner dropkick)
Hardy sets-up his rival, who is usually seated at a corner turnbuckle, and hits him with a dropkick. Hardy uses the ring ropes to elevate his body, adding to the momentum of the dropkick to the opponent's chest upon landing.

Mule kick
While facing away from a charging rival, Jeff Hardy bends down and pushes out one foot, striking the rival. A double mule kick variation is done with the Hardy facing away from the rival. Hardy jumps and kicks backwards with both legs to the rival, hitting him with both feet. As Jeff Hardy is acrobatically gifted, he then rolls forward into a standing position.

This pro wrestling move is also called a slingshot crossbody. In this move, Hardy flys from the inside of the ring over the top ring rope to the outside landing on his challenger front first; chests impact each other.

Ladder move
This move is a a diving leg drop after leapfrogging over a ladder.

Jeff Hardy flys toward his brother, Matt Hardy

Sitout inverted suplex slam
In this pro wrestling move Hardy applies a front face lock to the opponent and drapes the opponent's near arm over his shoulder. Hardy then lifts the opponent into a vertical position, and falls into a sit-out position, driving the face of the opponent into the ground. This move is known as a sitout gourdbuster or an inverted falcon arrow. In another variation, Hardy releases the hold just prior to the sitout position letting his opponents own momentum to force him down head first.

Sitout jawbreaker
To execute this wrestling move hardy stands either facing, or not facing, his challenger. Hardy places his head under the jaw of the challenger and holds him in place before falling into a sitting or kneeling position, driving the jaw of the opponent into the top of his head. Hardy also uses this move to counter a headlock.

Finishing Moves

Reverse of Fate (Inverted facelock neckbreaker slam)
This is a move in which Hardy places his opponent in an inverted facelock and then pivots at 180° and catches the opponent's head with his free arm (or both arms) and then drops to a sitting position or lands on his back.

Neckbreaker Slam
Also known as a falling neckbreaker, to do this move Jeff Hardy stands back to back with his rival, then reaches over their shoulder and seizes the rival by the back of his neck or head. Hardy then falls to his back while maintaining the hold, dragging the rival down with him to drive his back into the ground. This move is also applied when Hardy ducks under an attempted attack by his rival, e.g. a clothesline, and is thus back to back with his rival.

Swanton Bomb / The Swanton (High-angle senton bomb)
A variant of the senton bomb, where high-flying Hardy leaps off the top turnbuckle keeping his body straight and arms out-stretched. He waits until the last moment to execute the flip, so it is just barely complete when smacking with the opponent with his upper back/shoulders.

Twist of Fate
A cutter variation where Hardy starts in the front facelock grappling position. He then spins around, putting the opponent quickly in a three-quarter facelock and drops down for the cutter.

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