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Signature pro wrestling moves of John Cena

Diving leg drop bulldog
This is a diving version of the leg drop bulldog. To do this move John Cena springboards off the ropes and drops his leg across the back of the head of a challenger who is leaning forward.

This is an attacking move used by many pros. Cena jumps up and kicks the opponent with the soles of both feet. While jumping he twists so that when his feet hit his rival, one foot is raised higher than the other. The kick causes the rival to fall to the mat on his side, or face-forward. This move is used by the most agile Wrestlers and has the best impact when an challenger is charging.

Fisherman suplex AKA cradle suplex
With his opponent in a front facelock John Cena brings his arm over the opponents's shoulder, and hooks the opponents's near leg behind the knee with his free arm and falls backwards, flipping the opponent onto his back. Cena usually keeps the leg hooked and bridges to pin the opponent in a cradle-like position, or adds a leglock submission hold.

Five Knuckle Shuffle (Running delayed fist drop, with theatrics)
This is a move in which a wrestler jumps/falls down on an opponent driving his fist into anywhere on the opponent's body. John Cena does this move while running and calls it a "Five Knuckle Shuffle".

Cena performing a Five Knuckle Shuffle with a fist drop on Booker T.

Shoulder block (running leaping shoulder block)
This pro wrestling move does not require a lot of wrestling training. The wrestler simply plows into an challenger with is shoulder. To add impact, he runs and jumps toward his rival, tucks his arm down, and rams with his shoulder.

One-handed bulldog (running)
Closer to a facebuster than an actual bulldog; a wrestler performs this move by running up from behind his opponent and grabbing his head, all while leaping forward to drive this opponent's face into the mat. A two-handed variation of this is when this Dr. of Thuganomics charges at the opponent and pushes his head with both hands to force him face-first into the mat.

Sitout hip toss
John Cena stands next to his challenger with both facing the same direction. He quickly hooks his closest arm underneath and behind his challenger's closest armpit. He then lifts him up with that arm and tosses him forward, making the wrestler flip on his back.

Cena faces his challenger and grabs him around the waist, lifts him up, and tosses him forward on to his back. This move can also be perfomred by slamming a challenger down while landing on top of him. He usually does this when a wrestler is charging him, using the charger's own momentum to make the throw more powerful.

John Cena pefroms a spinebreaker on Undertaker

(Lou) Thesz press
Mastered by and named after Lou Thesz, this pro wrestling move is executed when the attacking wrestler jumps toward a standing opponent and knocks him down, leaving the opponent lying on his back. The the attacking wrestler sits on his chest and pins him in a body scissors. John Cena made this his signature move by adding punches; he used this move regularly from 2000 - 2005.

A variation of the Lou Thesz press, mastered by Stone Cold Steve Austin, involves jumping on a running opponent, then repeatedly striking him in the face while in the mounted position.

Finishing moves of John Cena

Attitude Adjustment
To ajust the 'tude of his opponent, Cena holds his rival on his shoulders and throws him to the mat. Very much like a fireman’s carry throw translated into standing takeover or powerslam. John Cena also calls this move FU!

John Cena performs Attitude Adjustment on Kurt Angle

Killswitch (used when Cena was with the Ohio Valley Wrestling)/Proto Bomb (when with Ultimate Pro Wrestling)
This pro wrestling move is similar to a Spin-out powerbomb, and is also known as a Blue Thunder Driver, Blue Thunder Powerbomb, or Blue Thunder Bomb. The action begins in the back suplex position where the Cena stands behind his rival and puts his head under the arm the rival. He then lifts up his opponent using one arm around the waist of the opponent and another under the legs. Then he spins the rival around 180° and slams him to the mat, back first, as they drop to a sitting position.

Short for Stepover Toehold Facelock. In this finishing move John Cena approaches an opponent while the opponent is lying face down on the mat. He grabs on of the opponent's legs and places the ankle between his thighs. Cena then lays on top of the opponent's back, locks his arms around the head and pulls back! This forcibly and painfully stretches the rival's back, neck, and knee.

John Cena is a Bad, Bad Man!

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