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When non wrestling fans critique the world of pro wrestling they are blind to the skill, technique, training, and pain involved in executing pro wrestling moves.

Pro Wrestling America is proud to feature the top finishing moves of all time (in or opinion, at least), inside information on professional wrestling schools, and the signature holds, attacking, and finishing moves of some of our favorite WWE Superstars:

John Cena

CM Punk

Jeff Hardy

Kurt Angle

The Undertaker

Hulk Hogan

Pro wrestling moves (top finishing moves)

Professional wrestling schools

We hope you enjoy these pages, but do not try this at home. Wrestling moves are dangerous and can even be fatal if not performed perfectly.

“Botched” moves are not uncommon. Most mistakes are simply embarrassing, while other mis-moves are dangerous. Stone Cold Steve Austin famously misjudged a piledriver delivered by Owen Hart, causing Austin to land forcefully on his head. Austin suffered a broken neck and Hart was forced to improvise to make Austin seem to be the winner of the match, which was the desired outcome. The accident effectively ended Austin’s career and left him with a long road to recovery.

When we watch a great match we not always thinking about the real danger and craftsmanship of sport. If we break the maneuvers down and think about the training and athleticism involved in a flawless execution, we would appreciate and enjoy the match even more.