Randy Orton

Pro Wrestling Legend Killer

Randy Orton is Wrestling royalty - a 3rd generation Pro Wrestler. His father is Pro Wrestling legend and WWE Hall of Famer Cowboy Bob Orton, who is remembered for knocking out Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndoff in the Main Event at the inaugural WrestleMania. His uncle is Barry Orton AKA Barry O, and his grandfather is the late Bob Orton AKA the Big O.

With this kind of lineage Randy was destined to be a WWE Superstar.

As a kid Randy hung-out with his dad’s friends. Wrestling news makers like Rowdy Roddy Piper, Greg “The Hammer” Valentine, and Andre the Giant were regular visitors to his Missouri home.

But his father warned young Randy of life on the road and the mental and physical demands of Professional Wrestling. Randy was only briefly persuaded to abandon his dream to join the Marines. But that was not for this WWE Superstar. He was given a dishonorable discharge for unexcused absences, one lasting for 82 days. This Man of Destiny also had problems with authority and disobeyed a direct order from an officer.

After his brief stint in the Marines, Randy convinced his dad to connect him up with a try-out for the WWE. The WWE saw promise and power in Orton and struck a deal for him to train with Ohio Valley Wrestling where he won the OVW Heavyweght Championship twice.

Randy was on his way to fame. He joined the WWE and team Evolution which brought him two Intercontinental Championships. But Randy was growing too big too fast and began disrespecting and physically attacking WWE legends and veterans – including those in his own family. This bad rep earned him the nick-name Legend Killer.

But a bad press and a bad attitude could not stop this Killer. At age 24 he became the youngest person ever to hold the World Heavyweight Championship. He ditched Evolution and joined forces with Edge to create team Rated-RKO. Together Edge and Orton won a World Tag Team Championship.

Solo The Legend Killer had snatched two WWE Championship belts in one night, six World Championships, having won the World Heavyweight Championship once and the WWE Championship five times. He is also the winner of the 2009 Royal Rumble match.

Randy can not fly so high without being knocked around. The wrestling rumor is that Orton has been using performance-enhancing drugs. Sports Illustrated posted an article on its website accusing Orton of using clomiphene citrate, anastrozole and the steroids stanozolol, nandrolone, oxandrolone, and testosterone. This could have been a major spoiler for the WWE to loose this Superstar. They have made a statement on this situation, claiming that the allegations preceded the WWE Talent Wellness Program. The WWE has declined for further investigate this rumor.

Randy Orton's Pro Wrestling Moves

Signature Moves
RKO (Randall Keith Orton)
European Uppercut
Falling Clothesline
Full Nelson Slam
Inverted Headlock Backbreaker
Randy Orton Stomp
Rope Hung DDT
Wrenching Chinlock

Finishing Moves
Driving Crossbody
Running Punt

Height: 6 foot 5
Weight: 245 pounds
From: St. Louis
Born: April 1, 1980